Zay woke with a start and sat up, heart pounding. What the fuck was that? Oh, there was a storm outside and from the look of things, the power was out, and so was the night light they always kept on. He got up and since he was unlikely to go back to sleep, padded softly around the darkened bedroom, lighting candles. He smiled at the man still sleeping soundly, oblivious to it all. Paul could sleep peacefully in the middle of a stampede.

Humming softly to himself, he dug through the small chest at the foot of the bed and retrieved a long black scarf and a set of edible body paints. He had been keeping this for a special occasion, and it looked like now was the occasion. He was awake, he wasn't going back to sleep anytime soon and he was bored. Time to wake, Paulie. He slowly and carefully removed Paul's sleep pants. Paul mumbled a few groggy syllables but that was it. Zay removed his own clothes and straddled his lover.

Paul felt something heavy settle on his legs. Impatiently he tried to kick it away but instead found his feet being held and slowly pushed apart. He growled; he hated being disturbed when he was sleeping.

Zay now lay on top of his lover and began to kiss him, starting with his closed eyes, then lips, then nipples. Paul was no longer growling, which was a good sign, but he wasn't staying still either. And Zay's kisses had reached a place where a squirm could have disastrous results.
Paul sleepily reached out a hand and encountered soft hair and a wet tongue.

"Paul if you don't keep still, I won't be responsible for any damage to your manhood."

A smile was beginning to form on Paul’s lips. “Is that you ... Zay?” He teased, and then moaned as he felt warm hands engulf his penis, which was rapidly hardening.

Zay paused for a moment, frowning. "You were expecting to find someone else in your bed, on top of you, kissing you? Of course it's me." Zay muttered a bit that it had damn well always be him in Paul's bed as he reached for one of the jars of edible paints.

Zay ran his thumb lightly over the tip of Paul's penis and watched him shudder.”Now stay still, I'm making art."

Zay let go of Paul's penis and began to draw on his chest with the flavoured chocolate. "It's kind of a Jackson Pollack thing, I think. I'm not that good at drawing. I am, however, very good at licking."

Paul struggled up to his elbows and peered down his chest, watching Zay spread paint over his chest. He peered at the sheets, wondering if the paint would drip down and if they would stain. They cost plenty! This was a first for them; Zay had never used such paints before though he had talked forever about edible paints. Paul wanted to tell Zay to be careful but he figured it would kinda kill the mood, so he just closed his eyes and leaned back to enjoy the sensation.
After a while, he wasn’t quite sure if he enjoyed it or not – it felt weird to have slimy stuff all over his chest. Then Zay began to lick.

"I’ve wanted to do this like for months, you know." Zay murmured. He swirled his tongue around Paul's right nipple, then gave a slight tug on its tip with his teeth before releasing it and moving to the left one. "I did this once, in my teens. I just used those little tubes of cake icing and the food colouring in them stained the skin, the bed sheets, everything. It was a colossal mess. These aren't supposed to stain." Zay played with Paul's nipples a bit longer, then slowly made his way down Paul's chest, licking, kissing and nibbling. "This stuff is really starting to give me a buzz."

Paul felt a vague sense of relief as he heard about the paint not staining, but he honestly could not focus too much on the words at the moment. The earlier weirdness had been replaced by arousal as the slimy stuff was pushed all around his chest with an equally slimy tongue. And every time Zay nibbled at his nipples, he jerked and twisted.

“Shut up, darling,” he said in a guttural voice. “You talk too much!”

Zay grinned to himself, an evil grin, a grin that said I'm up to no good. He spread more of the edible paint on Paul's inner thighs, his scrotum and then his penis. Then he returned to licking, doing it slowly, while using his right index finger to massage Paul's anus. He sucked lightly on Paul's testes, humming while he did so, as he eased his finger past the ring of muscle and into the rectum. He pushed Paul's hips farther up and back, added a second finger and moved them in and out in time with his licking and sucking.

Paul wasn’t used to digits being moved up his ass; he usually did the poking, not the other way round. He knew he needed to be more adventurous; Zay had berated him often enough for being too cautious. Relax, he told himself firmly, and enjoy it. So he leaned back and let Zay move his fingers rhythmically inside him while Zay’s tongue kept flicking at him at all his sensitive areas. His nipples, his penis, his balls … and all the time those fingers probed and searched. And then Paul cried out as his prostate was hit. Oh shit! His eyes flew open and he gasped, clutching at his partner.

Zay chuckled to himself. He was loving this, seeing Paul lose control, being the cause of it. He raised his head and smiled. "Aren't you glad you have a partner with long fingers?"

“Oh yeah, it’s been too long, don’t stop honey!” he ordered.

Zay, who had no intention of stopping, added a third finger. He planted kisses all around the base of Paul's penis and grasped it with his left hand. He swirled his tongue around the large, plum coloured head, and licked the sensitive slit. Then he took Paul's penis into his mouth and began to gently suck.

Paul enjoyed that. Zay did a darn good job with that mouth and tongue movement. Careful now, Paul thought, he didn’t want to come inside Zay’s mouth. He wanted to feel his cock push into Zay instead, sliding into him, feel his tightness. Then he wanted to pump into him till he came.
“OK, honey, stop. Stop now. Or else …”

Zay let Paul's penis slip out of his mouth, and sighed. Zay liked giving head, it was kind of like having a huge lollipop to suck on. Especially when you used flavoured oils or edible paints. Paul swirled in chocolate was damned tasty. With a final lick a Paul's nipples, he rolled off of him and onto his back. He spread his legs and stroked his own erection.

Paul got up on his knees, carefully trying to brush the left-over drying paint onto the floor. It was becoming a horrible mess and after a few flicks, Paul gave up. What the heck, it would come off anyway. He hoped.

"Paul, will you quit obsessing abut the paint and obsess about me instead?"

Paul turned back to Zay, a little apologetically, and immediately felt his balls tighten. The passion rushed through him as he ran his eyes over his young lover. He looked so sexy, laying there with his legs apart, slowly stroking himself. Paul’s own penis hardened even more and he promptly forgot all about the paint. He shifted Zay around, positioning him, heedless of what paint was left on the bed.

He leaned down and kissed Zay deeply, his tongue parting Zay’s lips and exploring. His hands began their journey down Zay’s body, possessively touching and petting. He sat up when his fingers touched Zay’s penis. He pushed Zay’s hands away and began to stroke him – long firm strokes that elicited gasps and moans from Zay’s lips.

This was what Zay preferred, having Paul in the driver's seat, taking control. He'd topped once or twice before Paul and he preferred being the bottom. He sucked on Paul's tongue and moaned.

Paul pushed him up once more and sat looking around for the lube. Reading his partner perfectly, Zay rummaged around by his pillow. Dammit, he thought he'd set it out when he got the paints. Ah there it was. He passed the lube to Paul, eager and impatient.

Paul grabbed it and without a word squeezed the tube. He quickly worked his fingers in, remembering how Zay’s had felt moments earlier, deep inside him. He shuddered suddenly, yearning to feel those fingers again, yet at the same time desperately wanting something different. He wanted to thrust, to control the pace, to be the one in charge, and wanting awfully to have that warm sexy rush as his cock slid into that tight opening.

He pulled Zay’s ass up, parted his cheeks open, and then unceremoniously he entered him. A moment’s resistance and then that deeply satisfying and familiar wave of pleasure as Zay swallowed him whole.

Zay closed his eyes and hissed softly. It hurt a bit, it always did. But only for a brief moment. The pleasure Paul gave him more than made up for it.

“Ahh …”Paul cried out as he sank his penis all the way, till his balls smacked against Zay’s buttocks. “God, you are so goddam hot.”

Zay nodded and managed to croak out "You too."

Paul gripped Zay’s hips with both hands, and began to fuck him. Hard and fast.

Unlike his previous lovers, Paul seemed to know instinctively what Zay wanted and needed. Sometimes it was slow and easy, and sometimes, like tonight, he wanted to ride with the storm raging outside. "” He squeezed against Paul's thrusts, making himself even tighter. Paul's balls slapped against his ass, and Zay's penis bounced against his belly. He grabbed it with one hand and began to pump in time with Paul's thrusts.

Paul slowed a bit, wanting to time his release with Zay’s. “Any time you are ready, babe,” he breathed. “Oh jeez, do that some more!” he begged as Zay shifted his ass. “Yes!”

For Zay the world had become reduced to two things; the prick in his hands and the prick up his ass. Fortunately breathing was something he didn't have to think about. He felt the beginnings of his climax build, the pulsing contractions, the building feeling of euphoria, leading to milky white goodness squirting out and over his hand and belly.

Paul saw Zay’s neck arch, and his breath hitch, and took his cue. With a couple more powerful thrusts, he let himself go and spurted his semen deep inside Zay. He leaned heavily against the prone body below him, letting his breath come back to normal.

Zay lay there gasping, and wondering, as he always did, why you never noticed how heavy your partner was until it was all over. He felt sticky and sated and sleepy. "Aren't you glad I woke you up?"